Evolution of GPAM proteins, Cliff's delta (statistical significance of branch length skew) for branches color is ≥ 0.6. [Alternatives: ≥ 0.6,≥ 0.7,≥ 0.8,≥ 0.9]

Model for branch lengths optimization 'Partitioned data, -spp option (edge-unlinked partition model, 8 classes of sites or partitions by their evolutional diversity), protein family REV matrix', IQtree software, median branch lengths are shown that were obtained from 100 iteration of random-half-alignment jackknife

Statistical comparison of branch lengths trees based on amino acids and residue solvent accessabilities

Blue branches shown HIGH residue solvent acessibility change rate and LOW amino acid change rate. Red branches shown LOW residue solvent acessibility change rate and HIGH amino acid change rate.